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Testimonials- What My Customers Have To Say
Dave's experience at both building and flying gives you an edge at the field. Precision, detail and workmanship go into every plane that leaves Planebender Building Services. These "unsolicited" comments say it ALL!!
This Is What Satisfied Planebender Customers Have To Say……………
Thanks from Father Don…….Over the years since meeting Dave, I’ve had two planes built by him.  I had them built and crated to me all the way from CA to MA.  The first was a Pilot 37.5% Yak 54.  Everything was done to perfection at a very reasonable price and the plane, which I’m still flying, is the best plane I’ve ever had.  Not only was Dave’s build job meticulous, it’s proven to last.  After three seasons and with hundreds of flights I have had no problem with this plane other than minor maintenance stuff from wear and tear.  So when I decided to add a 40% Extra to my hanger, I went right to Dave to build it for me.  The build job was fantastic, just like my last one.  Plus, the crates Dave provided, which allows him to build and ship planes anywhere, has come in handy.  I used it to ship a plane to FX3D last year and had no problems.  It’s like having a custom shipping crate for your plane.  If you haven’t figured out that I would highly recommend Dave for any building job you have, let me just say it, “I highly recommend Dave’s building services and he goes above and beyond to make sure each and every customer is so happy, they will come back time and time again.”  Father Don   
Thanks from Howard……….I want to thank you for your advice in helping me purchase and build the right plane for Me.  Also for all your advice before building the plane, to Taylor it for my flying field (short dirt strip) and Me.  what engine to install, servos, wheels, receiver, batteries, etc, you really keep up on all the latest equipment and components. Thank you again Dave for all your advice, You are truly a Master Builder.